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Eric Secker founded Piazza Design in the winter of 2002. He has spent over seven years building web pages and designing graphics for his clients' websites (using FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, digital photography, and his own personal artwork). He specializes in sites with well organized layouts and sites specifically tailored to target audiences. Eric also designs 3D CAD models for use in architectural and rendering programs and does independant consulting for nature organizations - including database work and statistical analysis. He is also an illustrator for the Illinois Ornithological Society's "Meadowlark" magazine and is a published, amatuer photographer ..

I began to dabble a bit in photography, but I didn't develop a real passion until my mom brought home a small 1.2MP digital camera one day. Suddenly, I had an affordable way to take a large volume of photos and have full control over the development process. It didn't take long to discover that I could even use the birding optics that I already had to take close-up photos of birds without any additional costs by merely placing the digital camera up to the lens. I researched and soon found a few others who were using this technique which they termed "digiscoping".

I have spent my entire life in the same home in the west suburbs of Chicago. I hate the winters here - I'm not going to lie, but I also love the diversity. The DuPage Birding Club, Kane Co. Audubon, DuPage Co. Forest Preserve Dist., Bird Conservation Network, Chicago Wilderness, local and state birding groups, and others have all contributed in big ways to the active community of nature enthusiasts and extensive preservation of, and access to, natural areas in the region. It is amazing how much the area has changed in my mere twenty some years here. The development and drops in some areas are truly alarming, but the gains of restoration efforts and green space acquisitions are equally inspiring.

Currently, I am finishing up a degree in Biblical Studies at Judson University in Elgin, after spending a couple years dabbling in Biology, but then realizing that I had a gift and passion for working closely in other people's lives. Unfortunately, my education and varied interests don't leave much time during the school year to get out and take photos, but I still find ways to make a little time when I need to get away. During the late spring and summer months, I take as many opportunities as I can to get out and take photos before I have to return to school again in the fall.

-- Eric Secker



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